Beech Tree Inn and Cottage | B&B Hotel Newport RI
34 Rhode Island Ave
Newport, Rhode Island, 02840, United States
401-847-9794 | Toll Free: 800-748-6565

Beech Tree Inn & Cottage

Guestroom - Suites Sitting room with flat screen TV, pullout sofa Big deep Jacuzzi tub Guestroom - Suites_1 203 deck a 203 deck f


Large, luxurious suite for a real treat.  In addition to a quiet, beautiful bedroom, you will have a separate sitting room to enjoy.  The fireplace and Jacuzzi are a special perk!  Rate: 159-349

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Beechtree-Rooms-205-01-1946640864-O Big Jacuzzi tubs & lovely gas fireplaces! Beechtree-Rooms-205-06-1946642278-O side deck - 7 Beechtree-Rooms-205-04-1946641600-O Beechtree-Rooms-205-02-1946641098-O Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi Rich colors, relaxing jacuzzi, comfy chair Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_1 Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_4 Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_5 Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_6 Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_9 Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_10 Guestroom - King with Fireplace & Jacuzzi_8 Beechtree-Rooms-302-04-1946644948-O

King w/ Fireplace and Jacuzzi

Fireplaces and Jacuzzi's make these classic rooms a hit, and only 30 for the extra amenities!  Rate:  149-299

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Guestroom - King Private Bath Guestroom - King Private Bath_2 201 bath 2 Private & semi-private decks are really nice :) Beechtree-Rooms-204-01-1946640037-O 204 bath side deck - 2

King Private Bath

Prefer a King-sized bed in your gracious, relaxing bedroom?  Rate:  129-269

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Beechtree-Rooms-202-01-1946636598-O Beechtree-Rooms-202-02-1946637248-O Beechtree-Rooms-202-03-1946637899-O Beechtree-Rooms-202-04-1946638525-O DSC_0016

Queen Private Bath

Lovely, comfortable room with Queen bed, uniquely decorated.  Perfect for a relaxing retreat AND a great value.  Rate:  119-249

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