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Hot drinks while shopping!

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Take a little break from your shopping and get toasty warm inside with a hot drink:

  • Fluke Wine Bar is a favorite on Bannister's Wharf
  • Fifth Element on Broadway is our new favorite and is "bar meets grill"
  • Norey's Star across from the street on Broadway has a zillion drink options
  • Malt has an award winning Irish Coffee - they're new to Broadway, where Tuckers used to be
  • O'Brien's is good fun anytime!
  • Fastnet Pub is an Irish bar so seems their Irish Coffee would be most authentic
  • Yesterday's Ale House on Washington Square is wonderful
  • Pour Judgement is another fun place on Broadway
  • Sambar on Upper Thames at
  • Empire Tea & Coffee on Broadway has a wonderful "Mexican Hot Chocolate"  
  • People's Cafe has an awesome cup of coffee - no Irish Whiskey added - and my favorite hot chocolate