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  • breakfast - Big & hot off the grill!

American's are known for a lot of things...including our fabulous breakfast...and even that has its own history.  Colonists had a pint of beer with "mush" (corn porridge borrowed from Native American neighbors) in the 1600's. In the 1700's, immigrants from the Netherlands introduced "oil balls" that we now call doughnuts (and became ring-shaped as a way to avoid the soggy middle). Kellogg created corn flakes in 1902, orange juice became a daily routine in the 1940's (as a means to prevent scurvy in WW II), and Dr. Seuss suggested green eggs and ham in 1960.

Our British friends can stick with beans and bangers, here at the Beech Tree Inn & Cottage we insist on serving a great American breakfast.  Nothing beats eggs and pancakes and bacon with coffee and OJ.  Come and get it!

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Omelets anyone?

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Famous French Toast!

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