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Fun in Newport

Thirty weddings a weekend

Can you believe there are 30 weddings per weekend in Newport?  While driving around the last weekend of September, I counted three - just in the little circle I made while doing my errands!  And they were all beautiful.  All different colors, all different venues.  Fantastic.  Obviously, Newport is a great place for a wedding.  And we provide accomodations for wedding parties & families & friends all the time.  Oh, and it was actually 4 weddings because I forgot to count our next-door neighbor.

Any month is good.  Off-season is cheaper.  Best time of day for photos - inside anytime,outside avoid sun directly overhead 1000-1400

Breathtaking love letters and wedding proposals

Wanna propose?  We know the perfect place.  It's known as the "proposal tree" and has a guaranteed success rate!