• We Love Pets!!
  • We Love Pets!!
  • We Love Pets!!
  • We Love Pets!!

We love pets!

We Love Pets!!

We offer a special room for fellow pet lovers...but not everyone enjoys pets like we do, so here's a list of "house rules for pet guests".

House rules for pet guests...

We Love Pets!!
  • Call to reserve our special pet room (401-847-9794 or 800-748-6565) - only $25 per day per pet for extra cleaning - pet owner is responsible for costs if damage occurs.
  • For everyone's safety, keep your pet on a leash when outside - some folks are scared of animals.
  • Please pick up after your pet - we have extra plastic baggies!
  • We do not offer a room refresh to pet rooms - we've learned from experience how territorial pets are. Ouch.
  • Recommend you bring along a crate or carrier if you plan on leaving your pet in the room while you're out on the town.
  • Leave us your cell phone number - we must be able to contact you if your pet is barking or crying or scratching when you're gone.
  • Sorry, no pets at breakfast or at inside common areas - pet etiquette stipulates respect for other guests.
  • Pets must have current vaccinations.
  • We rarely have problems, but want to be clear - we will ask you to leave if there is any major misbehaving that impacts other guests. Mostly we find that pets who are accustomed to travel behave better than people! hee hee
  • We ask each guest with a pet to understand & agree to these house rules.

Things to do...

We Love Pets!!
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We Love Pets!!


We Love Pets!!
  • Wag Nation - 92 Williams St, 619-3719, www.wag-nation.com/
  • Petrageous - 285 Main Rd, Middletown, 846-3335
  • Black Dog General Store - 33 Banisters Wharf, 842-0339
  • Rough Point - Doris Duke's home on Bellevue.  Dogs aren't allowed now, but in the 20's she allowed her dogs to romp through the 105 rooms, jump over the 300 year old sofas, & accidentally break her china - she fixed herself!

Important Stuff...

  • Newport Animal Hospital - 333 Valley Rd, Middletown, 849-3400
  • Pet Salon Groomers - 127 W Main, Portsmouth, 682-9400
  • The Wiggle Room - pet sitters, 741 W Main, 849-0044, www.thewiggleroomri.com/
  • Pet Sitters - 3 Mumford Ave, Newport, 849-3123
  • Happy Dog Pet Sitting - 841-9663
  • Markede Kennel - 599 E Main, Middletown, 847-2681

Wish you had a pet....or want to Donate?

We Love Pets!!

Check out The Potter League www.potterleague.org, our local pound. Milli adopted her lovable Pinot from Potter's League and Cindy is a hearty supporter.